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More gaming rambling

Brawlout is a pretty decent furry Switch Smash clone, and I gotta give it props for basically making one of the cast members the goddess Bastet. My only real gripe is that the unlock system takes too long, forcing you to exploit glitches to get everything in a decent amount of time.

Speaking of unlocking stuff in Switch games, happy to say I unlocked all the extra characters in the Switch Double Dragon 4 port even if it took me a good while and a lot of dying. I feel like I developed a lot more patience for games for the past year or so. Gotta like a game that lets two players both play as Abobo or as double Shadow Masters.

I like the Neo Geo games and Nintendo Arcade stuff that's been put on the switch eshop but I hope virtual console comes back eventually.

Hope to start a neptunia game on steam soon. the last time i tried that, I was in the middle of that painful urinary infection, but thankfully i got meds for that, so time to try again soon.

Downloaded a steam game called "wings of vi." looks like an interesting maze focused angel game, but it's supposed to be "i wanna be the guy" levels of hard, so definitely starting at lowest difficulty.

Getting back to Brawlout for a bit, I hope the rumours that Quote from cave story will be a guest character are true, it'd be fun to play as a megaman-esque character even if hyper light drifter already sort of fills that spot.

Something something video games anime

Have a pretty good Switch library by now, mostly because of cheap eshop games. Great for parties. Probably not going to buy a lot of physical cartridges til I get a suitable job, but probably gonna buy Hyrule Warriors in a couple of months.

I should probably try to find and watch Shugo Chara, that one magical girl sometime. One of those "on my bucket list but I never get around to it" sort of things.

I could see myself enjoying a Popeye scrolling fighting game/beat em up/belt scroller if that ever becomes a thing. I guess the four players could be Popeye, Bluto, Olive and Wimpy. Kind of seeing Olive with Monkey D Luffy's stretch moves.

I remember this weird grade school moment where some kids had a popeye mad libs and replaced every word with fart. Part of me thinks it was dumb, part of me still laughs for some reason. I think it was mainly because the idea of Popeye and Bluto playing tug of war with Olive as usual while at the same time having a real bad case of gas was a surreal mental image.

This wound up being more of a weird detour than I thought.


Been having some sinus problems lately that drained my energy but it's clearing up. Probably going to be focusing on firing off random "nerdy" posts on this journal for the near future.
"Your little friends dared you to take a doll from the haunted house? Silly boy, where do you think there's so many dollies in here? We'll make you pretty like us, and then when your pals come looking for you, you can help us 'fix' them, eheeheehee..."

"We're terribly sorry, but there's no way out of the woods. Nature is taking back humanity, and your dryad instincts won't let you leave. But I wouldn't worry too much. The sun is bright in the day, the dew is cool during the night, and the soil is always rich..."

Now that I think of it these kind of feel like "bad ends" in a choose your own adventure novel. Maybe that's a good thing.

A memory

When I was a child, I had this notion inside me that all people were really little girls deep inside. That we were all playing a little game with each other, a game of pretend. Because while being a little girl was the best thing in the world, it took a lot of energy. So we pretended there such things as "boys" and "adults" and all sort of strange, even scary things, but we'd all return to our skirts and tea parties sooner or later.

This isn't something I hold as objective truth, mainly because I'm afraid of being bigoted towards transmen. But it's something I come back to every now and then when I can't make heads or tails of the world. Because it's one of the first things I remember feeling upon being born into this world.

Waxing philosophical for a bit

It's often argued that without pain we wouldn't enjoy pleasure for long and would be eternally bored.

I would argue that two much pain causes stagnation just as easily as prolonged boredom does. There really does seem to be a big difference between having enough pain to cause conflict and having so much pain that you lock people in the trap of trauma and existential dread. It's the difference between a video game that is incredibly irritating when you first start it up but becomes fun as you spend time with it, and literally being Sisyphus rolling up a rock up and down a hill, going nowhere.


So, Game Grumps went back to finish playing Sonic and the Black Knight after the ragequit a couple years ago. Small thing, but makes me kinda happy.

It kinda seems like anime is on the rise in popularity since for whatever reason the whole 2010 western animation renaissance seems to be dying down. Still, Animaniacs is coming back, so I'm cautiously optimistic about that.

I'll probably keep doing this, just firing random neurons til I think of something longer to post.


I guess I'm probably gonna start using this to air whatever thoughts don't really belong on my DA page. Which I've technically said before but didn't really get around to doing since I wasn't really in the mood to just post stream of consciously, or brainstorm anything. I'm looking forward to this year more than the last one, in part because I don't feel so vulnerable to random infection like I was last year...I have a better idea of my medical options.

It's starting to look like my best option for a suitable job in the near future might be some form of pet care. Good because I love animals, but a bit worrisome because of allergies. Shouldn't be so bad if I wash my hands a lot though.

I'm doing more gaming lately, mostly by myself, sometimes with others. Might have more game comments in the near future.

Gonna try to accept that my brain seems to filter most things through an anime lense, for better or worse.

Sometimes I wonder if my dreams are just different lives I'm living at the same as this one and if everyone else goes through that.

I don't really have a signoff. Maybe I'll come up with one if posting here becomes an almost daily thing.
I'm kind of addicted to those Steamed Hams edits on youtube right now. XD Just putting that out there. ;)

World maybe getting a little better?

It doesn't look like we're out of the woods yet, but it seems like Trump's days are numbered. His popularity keeps dropping, he hasn't accomplished much, people on his own side seem to have trouble tolerating him and he seems to keep looking worse in terms of legality.

On a lighter note, I like how I can now see which icon I'm about to post before I make an entry or comment, so good on you, Dreamwidth.