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Quick apology

I've been gone way too long and part of that was the trip and the aftermath going on longer than expected, and part of that was also a bout with food poisoning I was going through for a bit. I probably should have spoken up sooner. ^^; On the upside I had some surgery to get a bolt implanted so I can get the tooth I lossed replaced early next year, so that's good. I'll probably get the weird cancer mole cut off my foot around the same time, too. I hope to take better care of this space in the near future, as well as trying to keep tabs on Deviantart, Skype, and Discord.

Heading out for a while

Got my LJ account back, looked like it was just a login error problem. Gonna be gone on another Vegas trip for about a week, so on the downside I probably won't be able to see any new updates or comments until I get back but hope to check them out when I do. :)

ha ha ha

Well, I checked on my LJ out of curiosity, tried to log in, and was informed that "my IP has been temporarily banned." Maybe I was to gay for Putin's Russia or something. XD

Very short drabble

Decided to write down a very brief TG idea that popped inside my head. Evil is something I'm trying to avoid IRL, but at the same time I still enjoy corruption stories sometimes. Probably not my best work, though perhaps it's good practice for what I might make later.

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Felt like posting something since it's been a while but don't feel ready to post anything real thinky, so here's a vid of a cat making biscuits.


Speaking up

Been a bit busy but I'm kinda settling in better on Deviantart and considering doing more gaming now that more time has been slowly freeing up for me. Hope to be posting a lot more in the near future.

You know

I'm surprised I didn't notice at first but the Dream"width" logo is almost exactly the same as the logo for the Sega Dream"cast" game console. It's a small thing but makes it a bit comfier here for me.


Welp, here's my first entry on my new blog. I hope cross posting works, though I'll have to check my old journal to be sure.

Anyway, if you're reading this and haven't met me, I'm Terri Violet Tsukino. My spiritual name is April. I guess that makes me sound hippy-ish.

This'll be my new place to post personal stuff, though I guess that much is obvious. Probably will reflect on past regrets from time to time, but hope not to dwell on them. Been kind of getting a new start as a story/caption maker on Deviantart, so maybe I can channel some of that creative energy here too.

I think I picked out a good username and new default pic though I'm not sure. XD; I guess I'll give the new name and face a trial run.

Quick update

Little bit behind but probably gonna set up my new blog soon. :)

Here I go

Gotta start getting ready for tomorrow so this will probably be the last thing I'm able to post for about a week, but hope to reply to anything I miss after the trip. :)


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