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Switch Gaming:Gate of Doom

I may do this from time to time, endorsing random Steam or Switch games.

So, Dark Seal:Gate of Doom is a pretty simple but fun arcade game. For the most part it's a clone of Gauntlet, an overhead shooter with a medieval fantasy theme. The twist comes from the way that, even though only one character is a wizard, the whole cast can choose from the same pool of transformation spells once they kill enough enemies. Changing into a new form lets you temporarily run around the screen as huge sprite of some powerful being with stronger attacks. It's kinda like what a D and D game would be like if they allowed you to change into a beholder or mindflayer every now and then. You do have to be careful of certain enemies, though, since they can change you into forms that weaken you.

I'm a bit disappointed that Switch hasn't got a virtual console going yet, but I don't mind so much since the system is slowly becoming a MAME box full of arcade roms.

Oh yeah, and Gate of Doom has a playable ninja. Out of place, but kinda fun because of it.


I really like the idea of big mac egg rolls you dip in mac sauce.


robot game thing

Been messing around with Megaman 7 a bit lately. It's a little weird going back to it because I'm more familiar as a source of art for sprite comics than as an actual game.
I can't assure that any of this is accurate since I'm no furry historian, but I kinda feel like "furry" used to be less of a vague concept.

In the 90's being furry seemed primarily to imply that you not only were interested anthropomorphic animals, but specifically "toons" in the western animation sense of the word. The science fiction, otherkin, and anime influence on furry was still there, but there seemed to be this unspoken understanding that furry culture was built on Disney, Warner Bros, and animation similar to the products of those companies. In theory the furry ideal was some kind of Roger Rabbit utopia.

The anime boom and decline of western "funny animal" cartoons, for better or worse, seems to have changed that. There really doesn't seem to be a grand unifying theme to furry anymore beyond the basics of just being anthro. That doesn't have to be an entirely negative thing, since there's something to be said for all facets of a fandom being seen as equal, but at the same time it feels like something was lost somehow.

Things might be turning around though. I'm seeing more toon/ink transformations lately, not sure if they're just nostalgic oldbies or newer fans finding out about the old stuff but it's interesting.

Quick reminder to myself

Gonna kinda take a moment to give myself a lecture. I figure I can afford to be a little arrogant sometimes, but not all the time, so basically reminding myself not to be overly reckless.

In the interest of keeping myself relatively humble and self-aware, I'm going to take a moment to remind myself that while I have a lot of spiritual beliefs, I don't hold most of them to be absolute truth, as I believe myself to still be quite naive and ignorant. The only thing I feel that I know for sure is that souls exist, but I don't pretend to know where they come from or how they work, and the whole "souls existing" thing is based on my personal experience and not something I can prove, so I understand if people don't believe me.

Also on a more scientific note, I feel that any sufficiently advanced computer simulations of me are in fact the same person as me in every way that counts, regardless of whether or not we share the same soul. I wouldn't want those simulations to be tormented out due to my sense of quantum self preservation.

Okay! Self-lecture over. I guess that I was my equivalent of that line from that one Who song that goes "If I should swallow anything evil, put your finger down my throat."

Just a brief thought

One of the things I miss being a bigger deal from Web 1.O was chakats. It was kinda like someone tried to create the ultimate sci fi furry fandom creature and kinda succeeded on some level.

That's about all I've got for now.


This is probably a common thing, but I don't remember most of my dreams. I often wonder what I'm missing both good and bad.


I guess I may just start firing off random thoughts now and then until I get the inspiration for something more substantial.

Sometimes I get really curious or in a state of wishful thinking about discontinued food. Main thing I find myself doing when I get in that mindset is wishing "giggles" cookies would come back.

I feel pretty dumb for ever hating on Barney the Dinosaur. Maybe I'll actually watch full episodes of that show sometime.

Kind of thinking maybe I should try to write more about the whole Stepfordization/housewife stereotype transformation.

Mainly some clown/jester stuff in the near future as well.

Leaning towards people turning into porcelain dolls in frilly dresses too.

That's about it for now. Well, mostly. Having more fun with my Switch now that I finally went and adjusted the resolution to make the image clearer on my TV. Feel dumb for not doing that sooner, but at least it worked out.

Pretty much did everything in Sonic Mania, though I still need to get all the emeralds on my Tails alone run.

Signing off for real now.

Got sick but about better

So, the sinus problem turned out to be the start of a nasty head cold, thankfully I'm at the tail end of it. I got infections too many times last year and starting this year off with one isn't great, but at least I learned a lot about properly medicating when this stuff does happen. Probably gonna post more gaming stuff soon. I'll go ahead and post a little bit now.

I like Nintendo Labo in theory what with the buildable roleplay attachments for controllers but cardboard seems too fragile. Maybe it's better than it sounds though since from what I've heard Nintendo will publish blueprints to reproduce the designs indefinitely, and if that happens you might be able to make the constructs with 3d printed plastic sheets if you want.