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From Sunday until about a week after I'll be gone in Las Vegas Nevada with probably limited internet access, so I likely won't be available, but planning on starting my dreamwidth account when I get back.

Abandoning ship

I was wondering why I couldn't find Ivan Henley's journal, and it turns out that either LJ deleted it or Ivan himself deleted it as a personal precaution. So, I'm most likely going to be moving to Dreamwidth pretty soon. I have backups of everything super important from here, by which I mean the fiction I've written, but since I want to try and avoid LJ nuking my journal because of my personal views, I'll try and make a fresh start somewhere else. Maybe I'll come back here someday if my journal doesn't get vaped. I'll at least make sure to post a link to my new blog if I can.


Still intending on using this as some sort of supplement to my DA page, maybe kind of "workshopping" some ideas for captions/stories before posting them. Also considering slowly talking about spiritual stuff again, despite my recent cynical secularist streak. More updates to come soon, hopefully.

Trump again

I should find something not Trump to post about, but I'm happy that his regime seems to be imploding even if that's going frustratingly slow. Gotta keep reminding myself to vote in the midterms next year.

Another quick update with some writing

Decided to take Amy's advice closer to heart and for the time being I'm giving up on the whole Tumblr thing. It doesn't seem like it'd provide the kind of social environment I'm looking for, and I'm guessing it probably won't be long until either the population comes back to LJ or moves on to something else. I'm finding myself pretty comfortable at Deviantart when I have a few minutes to log into there, so I think I'll keep using this journal to supplement my DA gallery/blog on occasion.

Got really sick over the past few days for the first time in years, but it looks like I might be almost over it. Just a bad chest cold.

Been trying to be more creative overall. Think I should have spent more time making stuff like this caption from 2008 to 2011 instead of being a cruel manipulative jerk to people. Gonna try to focus less on the past and more on the future though, since I've really overdone it on the self flagellation over the past five years or so.


Brief update

Still worried about Trump, but somewhat happier after learning that he at least didn't win the popular vote even if he got the electoral one. Hoping he will get impeached quickly and that even the Republicans will get tired of him, though I'll try not to be over optimistic.

Might try Wordpress as an alternative to Tumblr if the Tumblr community dries up before I get there. I guess we'll see.

And one other thing

Pretty much any reservations I have about going to Tumblr at this point have vanished. I'm starting to think that half the stuff I heard about "scary SJWs" was me getting trolled pretty hard. So, I hope to hurry up on setting up a blog there and I'll make sure to provide a link so that anyone reading this can check me out if they feel like it.


Well, I voted against him, but it didn't work, so...

I'm sorry for the anti-liberal views against "social justice warriors" I've held over the past three years ago. I'm also sorry for continuing to think that feminism is bad that it means hating men. I had this idea in my head that just because I did a lot of jerkish things a few years ago to people in the name of liberalism, and that some people sometimes forget to be compassionate with their liberalism, that liberalism was bad. With this whole...Trump...thing...I see I was wrong.

If God exists, maybe this is a sign from she or he that I need to do something. I'm not sure what. I guess I'll keep trying to be more nice, but be more aggressively nice, if that makes any sense.

There was a fanfic where a robot Celestia AI made everyone who asked into an immortal virtual pony. I...kinda want that to be real now.

Another thing...I'm thinking I need to think more carefully about the concept of "chaos" in regards to all this. People often use chaos to mean randomness...but sometimes it means a very specific kind of determinism, where each change, each choice, funnels into an unavoidable outcome. I guess I'll try to think of what choices I made might have led to this nightmarish state of the U.S., and try to do the opposite in the future.

Probably about time to move on

I'll continue using this journal for various private purposes, but I think I'm pretty much done trying to think of public posts for a while. IRL is starting to slow down a bit, so maybe in the near future I'll finally set up that new Tumblr blog. Don't want to be a "social justice warrior," but at the same time I want to try not to start any fights with people.

Planning on posting a link to the new blog here whenever it starts to, well, exist. There's hundreds of things I would have done differently during my time on LJ if I could turn back time, and I wish I hadn't thoughtlessly wounded so many people emotionally, but maybe I can do things better the second time around. People probably will get offended by some of my interests, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to be kind.


Still thinking about eventually getting a tumblr even if I don't like the politics there much. This journal will still be useful as an archive though, even after I do that.