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Care Bears

I think the thing I like best about Care Bears as a concept is that if they can't deal with you any other way, they blast you with a laser made of positive feelings. So even when they're fed up and resort to violence, they're technically punishing you with pleasure.

Short TG writing thing

Just some very short practice for now. :3

I was heading out with my friend Tad to the woods on the outskirts of town. Normally I wouldn't go anywhere near those parts, but getting drunk with the rest of the fraternity had finally gotten old.

"So, what exactly did you drag me out here for?" I said, rolling my eyes, putting up the tough guy facade I figured that any self respecting adult male would.

"I've heard some things. Supposedly the legendary goddess of mischief lives out here. Maybe if we found her, we could bring back some proof she exists, get rich and famous, you know?"

I grunted defensively, the two of crunching over fallen leaves and branches in our letter jackets and designer jeans. "Dude, we took the same mythology class, remember? 'Mischief' means tricks, so if she did exist, we'd wind up getting screwed over.

Tad laughed, a little louder than normal. I was pretty sure he was pulling my leg at this point, but well, we were frat bros and I wanted keep loyal and social. "It's funny you should say that..."

"Yeah, and what's so damn funny 'bout it?" I said, walking further into the darkness among the trees while trying to avoid looking him in the eye.

Then things got weird.

There was a flash of white light, and all of a sudden, Tad wasn't there anymore. Or he was, but he didn't look anything like he did before. I saw a girl, a little one who couldn't have been any older than seven. Her skin had a weird shine to it that may it almost seem as glossy as a linoleum floor, her red eyes were as big as saucers, and her golden blonde hair flowed down her back in long pigtails that went down to her waist. A shimmering metallic silver sleeveless gown, like something out of some old movie was draped over her tiny body, and a gold belt as bright as her hair cinched it around her. A single fang was drooped over the lips between her chubby cheeks, and, of all things, a pair of antlers were poking out of her gold hair. I could still make out a bit of Tad's face in hers, but everything else about the girl was just so bizarre and alien.

I blinked and rubbed my eyes, trying to snap out of the funk. I was starting to get legitimately scared, but I pretended to be angry to save face. "Dude, if this is some trick you're doing with your phone I'm gonna-"

Tad, or whatever he'd become, laughed, a weird, high pitched, tinny laugh that reminded me of an old music box and sent a shiver down my spine. "Oh Jim, haven't you figured out? The Goddess already got me when I came out here once before. Now that I've tricked you into following me, Okasama gets a new daughter, and I get a sister!"

I wanted to turn and run but before I could, she'd leapt around me, and her bare arms were around my neck. But it turned she wasn't strangling me. She leaned her cheeks against my face and I felt her antlers run across my forehead.

And then just a suddenly, I wasn't me anymore. I could feel every strange thing on Tad as part of me now. I licked my sharp snaggletooth, rubbed my proud antlers, and twirled in my gown. I was embarrassed at having been duped, but...it felt good, right somehow. There was something that had been missing when I'd been hazed or pranked by other guys before...Love. That was it.

We skipped off together into the night to meet Okasama. And I've never wanted to go back to my old life, save for times I pretend to be the old me to help grow Okasama's family. I hope I'll get to play a trick on you someday, and give you a hug.

Cute Baphomet

There was a time I would have associated this image primarily with Satan but now it seems like a rather comforting image of God.

Rambling update

So, I got my new tooth in to replace the one that got suddenly infected last year and eating's been a lot more enjoyable now that I don't have to chew on one side of my mouth anymore. The test for the mole on my foot came back benign, so I don't have to worry about putting myself in debt because I need to replace an amputated foot. ^^; Also the screen resolution on my Nintendo suddenly got fixed after a software update. I guess that wasn't my fault after all.

Otherwise...don't think I really have much of a plan mapped out for what I'm going to do with my journal in the near future. Probably gonna be pretty spontaneous for a while unless I really feel like I need to wax philosophical on something.

Things went wellish

They cut off a piece of the mole and sent it to the lab, so I'll probably get results in about a week. Probably more gaming posts incoming.

Skin appoinment tomorrow

Welp, I'm finally getting the weird mole on my foot looked at tomorrow. Hopefully it's either benign or they can chop it off right away.

Switch Gaming:Gate of Doom

I may do this from time to time, endorsing random Steam or Switch games.

So, Dark Seal:Gate of Doom is a pretty simple but fun arcade game. For the most part it's a clone of Gauntlet, an overhead shooter with a medieval fantasy theme. The twist comes from the way that, even though only one character is a wizard, the whole cast can choose from the same pool of transformation spells once they kill enough enemies. Changing into a new form lets you temporarily run around the screen as huge sprite of some powerful being with stronger attacks. It's kinda like what a D and D game would be like if they allowed you to change into a beholder or mindflayer every now and then. You do have to be careful of certain enemies, though, since they can change you into forms that weaken you.

I'm a bit disappointed that Switch hasn't got a virtual console going yet, but I don't mind so much since the system is slowly becoming a MAME box full of arcade roms.

Oh yeah, and Gate of Doom has a playable ninja. Out of place, but kinda fun because of it.


I really like the idea of big mac egg rolls you dip in mac sauce.


robot game thing

Been messing around with Megaman 7 a bit lately. It's a little weird going back to it because I'm more familiar as a source of art for sprite comics than as an actual game.
I can't assure that any of this is accurate since I'm no furry historian, but I kinda feel like "furry" used to be less of a vague concept.

In the 90's being furry seemed primarily to imply that you not only were interested anthropomorphic animals, but specifically "toons" in the western animation sense of the word. The science fiction, otherkin, and anime influence on furry was still there, but there seemed to be this unspoken understanding that furry culture was built on Disney, Warner Bros, and animation similar to the products of those companies. In theory the furry ideal was some kind of Roger Rabbit utopia.

The anime boom and decline of western "funny animal" cartoons, for better or worse, seems to have changed that. There really doesn't seem to be a grand unifying theme to furry anymore beyond the basics of just being anthro. That doesn't have to be an entirely negative thing, since there's something to be said for all facets of a fandom being seen as equal, but at the same time it feels like something was lost somehow.

Things might be turning around though. I'm seeing more toon/ink transformations lately, not sure if they're just nostalgic oldbies or newer fans finding out about the old stuff but it's interesting.